Money Disappear, Wet Dreams, My Ass Got Scrubbed… – Crazy Marrakech (Part 2)

If you have read what has happened before, in Crazy Marrakech Part  1, you know that Anna and I had just escaped a terrible accident. And this, thanks  to the fast reflexes of our STONED Taxi driver, who was smoking Hashish while we were sitting in the back ! We were still entrusting out life to him – […]

Entrusting Our Life To A Stoned Taxi Driver In Morocco! – Crazy Marrakech (Part 1)

At short notice, a CouchSurfing host accepted our request in Marrakech. Although he didn’t have many references on his site and had a weird profile picture, I thought everything would be fine. But I was careless: While reading the stories about our stay with O.,  you will find out that sometimes you meet REALLY STRANGE PEOPLE on travel. Hard to say […]

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