77734_436035563127509_1966551745_oHello everybody out there!

My name is Viet. Now guess, where my parents come from? It is so difficult… Yes, you got it: Vietnam. But I was born in Germany.  By the way, I sat next to a friend in school, his name was NAM and…  😀

I am vintage 1994 and moved as a “village boy” (from Meißen) to the next bigger city Dresden to study Transport and Economics.  Maybe that’s why I love it to be transported from a place to another…, but only maybe ! :’D

Thanks to my parents I maintened the exciting Vietnamese side in me that allows me now to see the world from different points of views and to speak fluently Vietnamese, besides French and German. After having finished my Erasmus in France not long ago, I recently started to learn Spanish!

ASÍ ME GUSTAN LAS LENGUAS, because they open doors to a new culture and history !

In addition, I love the contact to ANY KIND of people.

One of my biggest passion therefore is to travel the world as an adventurous Backpacker to discover different life philosophies and other perceptions of happiness. And this not only when I have semester break, but also when the Wanderlust just takes me ! 😛

I can’t wait to finish my Bachelor degree in August 2017 to FLY OFF FOR A PERIOD:

Not long ago, I welcomed a new travel mate who guides me harmoniously on my “weird trip”: I named him “NAM”. It is my new Ukulele with whom I have already brought a smile to some people faces!


Nam not only helps me when I hitchhike, bus also saves me when I met locals and encountered linguistic barriers: Then,  music becomes one instrument to build up a connection to people! ( I sing in 5 different languages and expand continuously my repertoire. :P)



Voilá, VIETNAM on travel! 😀

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Why Viet “On A Weird Trip”?

There is a funny story behind the name of my blog. Some people pronounce my name like “weird”. One day, during my journeys, I met a girl with a British accent who was all the time joking at me: “Viet you’re so weird!”.

Moreover, I really feel I am doing “A Weird Trip” as often unexpected and freaky things are happening to me when I travel. Many Crazy Travel Stories !


Especially, when I just follow my gut feelings that lead me to some spontaneous actions without thinking. I like to leave the comfort zone behind to make the travels more exciting. For example: hitchhiking and Couch Surfing throughout Morocco, sleeping with Berbers in a cave, hitchhiking from Dresden to Madrid, Couch Surfing in Tunisia and much more….


However, on each travel, I share wonderful moments with amazing people who are guiding me through that exciting journey that I also call life!


 When did the “Wanderlust” start? 


When I finished school, I was asking myself a question: “Do you really want to start university directly without having discovered the world &  life?”

I was burned with curiosity. My heart was calling for adventures and freedom. So my first big trip led me to Vietnam for 2 months with my school friend Julian. Vietnam – a wonderful country!


Followed by the most influential event in my life: The Working Holiday year in Australia. A year, rich in crazy adventures and life experiences: The road trips across Australia (with 3 broken cars), wild camping in the outback and the seaside, wonderful moments with people, the Overland Track in Tasmania etc.


That was the turning point where the urge for freedom and the desire for travel (Wanderlust) started in me. I decided to keep that lifestyle of a „Backpacker“Then, to consider travelling as a kind of “school of life” that teaches me much more informative lessons than any school or university does.

What I want to share with you?

Fist of all I’d like to share with you a wonderful quotation of Alexandra David-Néel that inspires me lot to travel and get to know different people. Anna and I found it during our hitchhiking trip across Morocco in the desert.

This blog should inspire you to consider traveling more as an “inner travel”:

That means to make more personal contact with people to understand better different cultures. But maybe also to try out different ways of travelling and to take risks? Sometimes that also includes stepping out of your comfort zone or mastering unexpected situations. Therefore, I have discovered that a solo-travel is the best catalyst for personal growth. 

Click here to find out why you should travel alone at least once in your life.

Basically, I want to encourage you to travel more and to create your own journey on which you make your own personal experiences. 


So, you expand your horizon and you SEE HOW THE WORLD REALLY IS LIKE! Particularly in our materialistic, chaotic and fast-moving world, some may feel lost or caught in – it becomes difficult to find out for ourselves, what really matters in life.

Therefore, ask yourself the question: What are the REAL most important things in life that bring me inner happiness and peace? A travel, can give you the answers thereto as it helps you to learn about yourself!

I share with you my Travel Stories, Tips & Inspiration, including my personal experiences that you can use as motivation for your next adventure, or for anything that you are doing right now!  🙂

Above all, I want to show you how warm-hearted locals welcome you when you’re open minded and sincerely interested in their history and culture.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I would like to make a contribution to a more cosmopolitan world with respect and tolerance for every human being regardless of ethnic origin and belief.

(PLEASE NOTICE: I have been travelling since 2012. Throughout I kept a handwritten diary and a less professional free Blog in German. Not long ago, in April 2016, I decided to catch up with all the numerous adventures. I put them together in a proper Blog translated in English. Thanks a lot for your comprehension if it takes me a little bit of time to work over it. But I promise you: Your patience will be rewarded with extraordinary stories!)

What I am doing right now?

I am in my last year of University and will finish my Bachelor degree as soon as possible for that I can start travelling again!

Last words

I dedicate this BLOG to all my friends and the lovely people who I met throughout my journey.

Without them it wouldn’t be possible to share with you all those incredible adventures and experiences! Thank you from the depth of my heart.

Goodbye guys, see you maybe somewhere in the world !

Have fun and take it easy! 🙂

Yours Viet. 

Love.Peace. Travel!


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