Money Disappear, Wet Dreams, My Ass Got Scrubbed… – Crazy Marrakech (Part 2)

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If you have read what has happened before, in Crazy Marrakech Part  1, you know that Anna and I had just escaped a terrible accident. And this, thanks  to the fast reflexes of our STONED Taxi driver, who was smoking Hashish while we were sitting in the back ! We were still entrusting out life to him – and many other strange things happened to us during our stay with our friend O.

Back to Marrakech?

At 10 p.m, we finally arrived safely in Chichaoua, where we should have slept at his mother’s house. Anna and I got our hopes up too soon. For some reason, he merely picked up his mother and we went back to Marrakesh. It started to rain outside – while sitting in the taxi we didn’t speak much.


After more than an hour drive, we arrived back in the capital. Despite our offer to pay a part for the taxi, our host said everything was fine. We thought 150 km must be really expensive! We trusted him, and so we run quickly in his family’s apartment to escape the heavy rain.

First night – The ringing phone 

He was kind of addicted to the Hashish, immediately he invited us to smoke with him one on the balcony. Suddenly, his phone rang. He hung up. And another time it rang, but again he hung up. This happened for a few more times until he totally ignored the ringing. It was kind of strange for us. We asked him what’s going on, but he said everything would be fine. Anna and I were suspicious, but we didn’t know O. so well to judge him.

Shortly after, we went to bed.  All three of us  slept in the guest room on a very comfortable “Arabic” couch. Our backpacks, we had left in the living room which became a problem in the next morning.


A nasty surprise in the morning

The next morning was kind of strange. Just before I woke up, I dreamed someone would steal something from me. So, I went to the living room, checked my belt bag that I had put deep in my backpack. Indeed, someone had taken 100 € of me. I had three 50 € bills – only one remained. Nervously, I searched everywhere – but couldn’t find anything.

Then, O. and I went outside to buy breakfast. On the way, I told him about my loss. But he said in a peaceful way that it would be impossible to lose something in his house.

Thus, I thought a  REAL thief would have taken all the money – maybe the bills fell out of my bag and it was my fault. By the way – I noticed in the morning that he has already been high. Yet, I didn’t think much about it.

When we came back home, I told Anna about my loss. She couldn’t believe it. But I was really stupid as I carried only cash with me that I had hidden in several places – one place was my belt bag.  It was weird that the thief hadn’t taken all the money – only some. As a precautionary measure, I asked Anna to keep some of my money. She carefully hide it deep in her backpack.

A weird gut feeling

During the day, we explored the beautiful old city of Marrakech – an exciting city. His friend of the day before accompanied us as well, but he didn’t say much. Our host was really friendly and warm-hearted. He guided us around and let us taste some nice street food ! While talking about different topics, we actually felt comfortable with him. He was always very relaxed and cool. But it must be said that he smoked a lot !


While we walked in the center, Anna told me about a strange thing that had happened the previous night. Our host had touched her arms when she was sleeping and he apparently wanted something from her. I couldn’t believe that and was angry. We became suspicious. My gut feeling said there was something strange with this guy and we have to leave – but he was too kind to us!

In this moment, I remembered how my mother had told me once:

“Viet, be careful with people who are too friendly to you ! ”

Back then, I thought it was just a “BLABLABLA” of my mother. You know, I was always that type of person who only saw the good in life. I had never had second thoughts towards someone – never considered the “bad”. But this encounter should give me a little lesson…


While strolling around the capital, we suddenly lost O..  We were looking around us, but he wasn’t there anymore. He disappeared. Anna and I were alone in the street with lots of shops surrounded by many Arabic people looking at us. We panicked, considering that we had left our backpack, some documents and our money at his house. I said to Anna to stay at one place. And so I run hysterically down the street to look for him. In my head, I had already imagined the worst scenarios – I felt like being in a bad film ! It was just a BIG SHOCK !


Suddenly, after 10 Minutes of panic, he calmly appeared out of nowhere in front of us. On the one hand, we were so glad to see him. On the other hand, we were very angry that he had left us without saying anything. He told us that he stopped in a shop to buy something. From then on, we didn’t feel safe anymore as he was kind of unpredictable.

Therefore, we decided to leave Marrakesh earlier and head to Ouarzazate the following day !

Wet dreams…

When we arrived back at his home, the first thing that he did was to roll a 30 cm big joint! He smoked almost all as I didn’t feel comfortable smoking with him. Nevertheless, I tried to behave normal, took some small puffs –  but inwardly I was suspicious.

After having smoked so much – No wonder that he literally had wet dreams…
Of course, we changed our sleeping places for the last night, hence, I slept next to Anna. During the night, O. suddenly started to moan like having sex. This moaning became louder and louder. So loud that my Italian friend and I woke up looking after him. We couldn’t believe what was happening, but then we understood his “wet dreams”. It was a really unusual, but funny moment. Both of us started to laugh, while he continued moaning – enjoying his lovely wet dream.

Fresher & Cleaner than ever before

The next morning, before leaving Marrakesh, O. took us to the Arabic bath – Hammam. As the bath is separated for men and women, his mother accompanied Anna to the steam bath and our host brought me to the male Hammam.

So, I had my first Hammam that was a funny ADVENTURE!! 😀


Upon the advice of my host, I paid for a man who should clean my body with special gloves. So I lay down there, on the white tiles, only in  my underwear while it was steaming from everywhere. The old Moroccan man started to scrub my back, my arms and my leg. Thereby, his gloves felt like rough sandpaper on my sensitive skin. While enjoying this kind of massage, I was impressed by the black parts that came out of my skin. It was my dirt – that I had maybe carried for years! Iiiiiieeeehhhh – disgusting !

Suddenly, I felt his hands in my ass!!! Can you imagine how strange it is when someone is scrubbing your ASS? It was a weird situation, but also quite funny for me that I couldn’t stop grinning. When I turned on my back,  I was shocked when he started to clean around my crotch. This was too much for me !!! But before  I could do anything, he already had stopped to fiddle around my beautiful piece. I am sure it was normal – but I wasn’t just used to that procedure. Despite that culture shock in the steam bath, I felt so good, so clean – like a new-born baby! By the way, Moroccan people have hammam at least once a week – absolutely recommendable. Unfortunately, that nice feeling didn’t last long…

Another nasty surprise

O. picked me up at the Hammam. We went back home where I found Anna in a hysterical state. I asked her what happened. She said when she came home, she saw that her backpack had been opened and O.  was running fast into the toilet. Someone had taken 30 €  and another 25€ of mine.  And this although Anna had carefully hidden our money deep in her backpack, in a sleeping bag! Again – the thief only took some money, and not all !

I was really angry and asked my host to ask his mother if she had locked the door when we were gone. O. translated it to his mother who didn’t speak English at all. The mother said yes – and she was so sure.

It becomes weird…

When I told her we had lost some of our money she became very nervous and strange. She was  hysterically swearing many things  in Arabic whereby every second word was “Allah”. Suddenly, she went to the window and was speaking to someone, but we didn’t hear anybody. Then, she wanted to make clear to us that she was just speaking to the housekeeper. She said that he said friends of O. passed by their house.

All of a sudden she admitted that she hade probably forgotten to close the door. The whole situation became very weird and contradictory. Mother and son were speaking to each other in Arabic that we couldn’t understand anything – but their expression, gesture, and mimic was strange. We knew there was something wrong, we felt it.
Thus, Anna and I didn’t feel like saying anything anymore – and just wanted to leave that place. To explain anything was pointless – we didn’t speak the language. 

When he brought us to the bus station and he was still relaxed and chilled – well, he was high as usual. He said he would miss us a lot and wanted us to stay longer with him. Then he said how sorry he felt for what happened to us.

All at once, his exaggerated kindness and his sweet words made us even more suspicious.

A reflective departure

With a mixed feeling, we hop on the bus, heading to Ouarzazate. Actually, we tried to be optimistic to forget about what has happened, as our travel through the desert just started. We still had 2 weeks of travel !  Anna just arrived 2 days ago in Morocco. Thus, it made no sense to ”cry over spilt milk” that would screw our travel – it was only some money.  It is most important that we were healthy and should enjoy our trip to the fullest .

In the bus,  Anna and I came to the conclusion that our host was really weird after having spent 3 days with him. We thought a lot about our stay  and tried to put together all the strange situations that we had ignored.  So, we noticed that we should have been suspicious as he told us that he was jobless, host only CouchSurfers and smoked hashish. But for an active member of Couchsurfing, he had only a few references of other “Surfers” on his profile.  Normally, CouchSurfers leave their hosts positive or negative references that make them trustworthy or not.  But you can also easily manipulate the system.

The fact that he smoked a lot of weed, I had maybe taken too lightly. Until this point, I associated Hashish with hippies or alternative people  with their  “love, peace and freedom”  life philosophy. But we know that drugs can manipulate our mind, hence, lead to unconscious reflexes ! Furthermore, I remember O. saying that in his culture people smoke weed to forget their problems or their misery – it calms them down.

Since my travels  in Morocco, I have noticed that many people live in poverty… and yeah, many smoke Hashish – even the construction worker. There aren’t aids, such as social assistances which would be enough to cover the living costs of jobless Moroccans.

The ringing phone

Guys, it is still unclear who tried to call our host thousands of times. Do you remember it?


We thought it could be only the stoned taxi driver who drove us to Chichaoua and  back again to Marrakesh . In total, he drove us around 150 km what would be quite expensive. Anna and I offered our host to pay a part, but our host said everything would be fine. So we went quickly to his house to escape the rain – but haven’t seen him paying yet. We only noticed that O. said something to the driver, then immediately went with us. Thus, it can be that he didn’t pay. So, it was  maybe the taxi driver who tried to call him thousands of times! The next morning, as you remember, I had lost 100 €.

A Life Lesson

At the end, we didn’t know who really had taken our money. But we knew two things.

First of all that this person was very clever. I mean isn’t it smart to take each time only a little money ? If you don’t count it, you wouldn’t notice anything.

Secondly, that our host was strange, after having spent 3 days with him.

Our feeling was saying there was something wrong – and I think gut feelings are a kind of human instinct that one can seriously take notice of. I believe there is a kind of universal language that everyone speaks unconsciously, but we have to be aware of it.  Especially, when you travel in a foreign country and meet strangers it is useful to listen to your feelings.

I don’t want to say that someone is “bad” or “good”. This black-and-white thinking, I noticed during my travels, is very relative. Thus, we are sure that our host actually has a good heart. But maybe his circumstances combined with his high drug consumption could have led him to any silly action. People, in general, tend to act from necessity.

We will never know who had really taken away our money. Maybe it would be better so…

At the end, we took that little incident as a priceless life lesson. I believe that all things happen for a certain reason. Maybe it should be so.

What a pity that it has happened in the capital of Morocco  – Marrakesh.

Despite everything, I love this beautiful city as there is so much to discover in the centre – as well as outside, such as the amazing national park Toubkal or Ourika!

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