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Just two days after having booked my flight to Tunis, a little stupid accident had almost ruined my travel to Tunisia !


What happened?

During my Erasmus semester in Poitiers, I met a Frenchman, Thibault, who invited me to go longboarding with him. I said,  “Yeah, why not” and took his second longboard. So, we rolled around the city. But Poitiers is very hilly, therefore I had difficulties with braking correctly. For some hours, my friend taught me how to steer and control my speed on the board, and I became better and better. But compared to him, I was such a beginner!


WANNA BE meets overconfidence

Then, we went on the top of a  multi-storey car park near the station. My friend suggested we could speed down the parking levels, and if possible without stopping the longboard. I think you can imagine those car parks consisting out of little ramps or descents that connect each parking level together.

And yeah, so I said, “Cool, you can give it a try!”. For me, it was the first time rolling down a parking house. Excited and with overconfidence,  I raced down successfully a few ramps, except THAT one time:

I descended too fast, steered too late and couldn’t catch the sharp curve. Thus, I crashed uncontrolled into a parked car. Unfortunately, I stretched my arm to push against that car and thereby dislocated my shoulder.

hellish fear

Immediately, we went back to my friend’s house and Clementine, Thibault’s roommate, came down the stairs to help me. As she often dislocated her shoulder herself, she tried to “put back” my shoulder. So, she asked Thibault, who was definitely strong, to twist my shoulder !!!  But he didn’t have a clue how to do that! Though, he himself was scared that my arm would become worse – ME TOO !

That’s why we called an emergency number. Some minutes later, a red car came transporting me to the hospital of Poitiers. From minute to minute the pain became unbearable, and the time was passing by sooooooo slowly…

Hospital Poitiers
Sorry Thibault! 😀

Relaxed and chilled out

I arrived in the emergency room. And after what felt like several hours (actually half an hour), a nurse finally injected me some pain-killer. First of all, KETAMINE, then MORPHINE.


Just after some minutes, I could feel how the drugs began to take effect. THE DRUGS WORKED PRETTY well!  Suddenly, I felt so chilled, relaxed and very VERY HAPPY ! I felt like being in another dimension of life, or maybe I was just bloody HIGH – an amazing experience by the way. Haha!

And yeah… so I was lying in a French hospital – and was bloody HIGH!

When nurse Linda came in my room to take me to the doctor’s room, I smiled all the time and was very funny to her. I told her incredibly silly things, of course,  in my beautiful Vietnamese-German FRENCH ! For example,  I wanted to explain to her that she had 4 eyes. Guys, really  – I swear that I saw her having 4 eyes !  Then, I said to her I felt like being in the Matrix after having taken the “Red Pill”. (Watch Matrix!)  HaHa! Crazy what??!

It became even funnier when Linda rolled me on my lovely bed through the corridor: I thought I was a bird who was flying – what an amazing trip. From minute to minute the effect got stronger…

A big smile for the doctor

Finally, I arrived with a big smile on my face at the doctor’s room. The doctor seemed to be happy as well when he saw that grinning Asian boy lying relaxed on the bed. From this moment, I have fading memories, but I still  know that I was very, VERY TALKATIVE!

I remember one dialogue between the doctor and the nurses. He asked them how much ketamine and morphine they had injected me. A nurse babbled something – I can’t remember it clearly anymore. But I remember exactly how the doctor said, “Oh…this is a little bit too much!”.

With these words, the doctor did what had to be done –  he twisted my left shoulder. The effect of the drugs had reached its climax – therefore I wasn’t on earth anymore and just grinned a lot! Actually, I only remember short film sequences of that moment. Everything, suddenly, went so fast.



After a while, I found myself in another room sleeping  off my ecstasy. When I awoke, I felt like singing songs. Then, I got a bit clearer in my mind and could leave the hospital on the same night – but still with A BIG SMILE ON MY FACE  !

The doctor actually said I should keep the bandage on my left arm for 3 weeks. Thus, he strongly recommended me NOT TO TRAVEL to Tunisia the following weekThis was out of the question for me !! How could I cancel the flight when I didn’t have any cancellation insurance ?  I had already found some CouchSurfing hosts and couldn’t miss that adventure !

It is all in the head.

So, I had 10 days to recover. Actually, it was impossible – but somehow I did it my friends !

I think it was my belief in eating a lot of spinach like POPEYE that had strengthened me in that short period.  Do you guys remember that sailor who got big muscles when eating spinach? Haha! I swear – the same happened to me.   Ha-ha.


Only after some days, I took off the bandage and trained my arms with a lot of mental strength !  That’s why, some of my friends who are nurses were really angry at me – with reason ! I didn’t do what the good doctor said to me. So, don’t take me as a good example guys ! I am such a bad guy 😛

Erasmus Poitiers
The day before my flight – Fit like Popeye! 😀

Finally, I was ready to fly off again.

Tunisia Travel


With a more or less recovered left arm, I landed in TUNIS, TUNISIA – CRAZY !

Read about my Odyssey in Tunisia here.



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