Phở – Please pronounce it properly!

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Culture Shock

Pho –  Do you want a hot noodle soup for breakfast when if feels warm outside ?

This is what Vietnamese people are doing: They have a Phở for breakfast or at mid-day when you are sweating profusely due to the high humidity that feels like having a waterfall on your back !

We did the same. And my German friend Julian, who was my classmate, just fell in love with the Vietnamese rice noodle soup !

What is it?

Phở  is one of the most popular meals in Vietnam and for foreigners a synonym for the Vietnamese cuisine, besides Nem (Spring rolls). I am sure you’ve heard about that great food! If not, you will know it now:

The basis of Phở  is a special meat broth that is garnished with tender rice noodles, usually thin beef slices or chicken and different herbs such as coriander and green onions.  

But that is not all ! In the middle of the table are plates with fresh bean sprouts, chilli peppers, wedges of lime and other toppings the cook feels like providing. You can garnish however you like. I recommend you to finish off with a little squeeze of Sriracha ! Mmmhhhh so good…..

The secret

My mother, who cooks Phở  usually on Sundays, says that the secret of a delicious rice noodle Soup lies in the meat broth that can contain ox tails, beef bones, ginger, cinnamon and other aromatics. Everyone cooks the soup in their own style, but it takes a lot of love, dedication and some hours!

Phở – A healthy dish.

From home I know that the Vietnamese cuisine is very healthy – dishes are freshly prepared and contain good ingredients.

A Phở  soup is good for you because it is rich in vitamins, low in fat and high in Sodium. Therefore, I think you can include the rice noodle soup in your healthy diet plan. 😉

Pronounce it properly!

DON’T SAY “PHO” with a long O like in the adjective looooong. That means – PROSTITUTE!! 

Phở (you see the accents on the o) is more pronounced like “PHU”.


Did you know…

  • that Pho could have a French origin and the word itself comes maybe from the French dish Pot Au “FEU”(Fire) ?  It can make sense because the soup is really hot, and hot like fire when you garnish it with fresh hot chili!

Are you interested in history of the Vietnamese noodle soup?

So Friends, don’t miss eating PHO ! mhhhh…. it is so delicious!

If you don’t want to eat at one of the many pho street stalls in Hanoi where it can be very chaotic….

then you can enjoy the delicious Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup of course also inside !

Chúc ăn ngon ! Bon appétit my friends !

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