Meissen celebrates the Wine Festival

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Meissen – After a long time I am back in my home city. I arrived on time for the Wine Festival of Meissen where winemakers from the region present their new wines to their guests.

The grapes are ripe!

During my school time this city festival had been always a highlight for me: I met my friends, we partied and we had a lot of fun!

Only my old memories and the possibility of encountering some old school friends, former teachers (only when they have had too much wine) keep me coming back home to this event each year. :’D

Do you know this weird feeling when you come back home, the place where you grew up, after a long time ? And the people remained the same and you feel kind of STRANGE?! I am sure some of you guys know what I mean.

Ok, enough of that BLABLA now. Actually, I wanted to present you the Wine Festival of Meissen that is a must for the people who want to experience a traditional German Festival in a more authentic and less commercial way, something ELSE than the Oktoberfest, for example.

A lot of Fun !

Every year, the MEIßNER (people from Meissen) celebrate the grape harvest 3 days long in the last September week. On more than 25 different places you can dance to all types of music, from rock, hip hop, blues, jazz to traditional German Music the “Schlager”.

Everywhere you find food and wine stands. In Germany you find especially many calorie bombs, but very tasty stuff !  😀

As a healthy balance to the “Bratwurst” (typical German sausage) the visitors can buy some vitamins, for instance, grapes from Vietnamese fruit shops that are spread everywhere in the centre. During harvest time the sweet fruits are incredibly delicious!

Did you know that grapes stand for fertility, wealth and joie de vivre ?

Kids and adults can play different games.

Some people are excited about going on the rides such as the BIG WHEEL !

An authentic festival

What I like most is that this festival is less commercial, for FREE and remained traditional. Smaller or unknown artists have the chance to perform in one of the many medieval alleys, which had been named after guilds. For example, we have a road that is called “Fleischergasse”, translated: “Meat-Alley”. Back in the Middle Age, butchers sold only their meat on this road! Meissen is really rich in exciting history and culture, I can tell you about that in a separate article.

When walking in the crowd of people you’ll mostly see the inhabitants of Meissen and the region, you  meet very few foreign tourists who, for example, walk around with their selfie sticks.

Meissen and the Vietnamese Community

My personal highlight during the “Weinfest” was the dance performance of the Vietnamese women!

We have a little Vietnamese community here in Meissen that is quite active. For example, we Vietnamese here celebrate each Christmas together in a big hall, accompanied by AMAZING FOOD and a cultural program. This is really cool as we keep maintaining the Vietnamese culture, also for the further generations such as my little brother’s.

This year they celebrated their 10th anniversary and the women performed their traditional “Vietnamese fan dance” in the heart of the city centre.

What impressed me: The locals here only know the hard working Vietnamese mothers from their restaurants, clothing stores, and flower/ fruit- shops around the corner.

Suddenly they stand on that stage, dressed wonderfully in their “AO DAI”, a tight traditional silk dress, and – ROCK THE SHOW!!

I am so proud of the VIETNAMESE mothers, especially about my MUM. 

Highlights and End

A yearly highlight is the traditional parade on Sunday:  a numerous chapels and marching bands, open-top cars, dancing groups, local wineries and companies, and the elected “wine queen” party through the streets of Meissen. Unfortunately, I went out the night before and was too lazy to get up early. Sorry, no pictures guys, but YOU CAN IMAGINE IT! :’D

I still remember when I was little and looked forward excitedly to get thrown sweets and to benefit from free bread, sausages, toys and wine from local companies. Each time I was full and… yeah, it was worth it ! 😀

The Wine-Festival finishes with an amazing firework display, over the river „Elbe“.

If you visit Germany or the next bigger city DRESDEN, don’t forget to pass by MEISSEN that was the former residence city of German kings, therefore rich in history and culture. It is a beautiful, small town that has one of the most beautiful castles in Gemany : the “Albrechtsburg” .

See you !

Yours Viet.





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