Why I write this blog?

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What motivates me to spend hours and hours on writing about my travel experiences?

When I tell people that I write a blog, many think that I do it on a commercial base. No guys, I don’t get paid for it. I simply enjoy writing about my travel experiences and it makes me happy when I can share it with you. 🙂

First of all I write this blog for myself to remember all my travel stories in detail! Then, to share my adventures with my family, friends and the world.

Each time when I came back home from a travel, I firstly realized on what an amazing adventure it had actually taken me: Many exciting, spontaneous and funny things weirdly happen to me on my trips. Read about my  Crazy Travel Stories.


So many travel tales, that I simply CANNOT REMEMBER ALL OF THEM in some year. Sadly enough, I noticed how fast my memories fade, especially small, but meaningful little details. More things come up and I feel like forgetting things!  Do you know that feeling? This really annoys me!

Then, I often didn’t know where to start with my travel stories when my friends and family wrote me during my trip.

So, I also posted pictures on Facebook or sent those to them. But one day I realized: My pictures actually tell whole exciting travel stories, but my friends only see random “tourist shots”. They can’t see the whole story behind each picture to understand that I AM MORE A TRAVELER THAN A TOURIST.

In addition, I feel like I am annoying my friends with my thousands of pictures.

Therefore, I decided not only to put my pictures and some sentences together in a Blog for those who are really interested in my travels, but also to consider it as my Personal Travel Diary.

A travel diary that helps me to remember all my adventures and the amazing people who I had encountered during my travels when I, one day old wise man sitting in the wheelchair, tell my grandchildren about my biggest adventures of my life in half of a century! 😀


I couldn’t read my own chaotic handwritten diary and a dream of mine was always to create my own travel blog!

Before I kept a handwritten diary. One day I opened it to read about some of my travels, but I had difficulties to decode my own hieroglyphs. Believe me, neither had I always understood what I actually wrote down. 😀

I noticed how messy it was and I had to change something!  As it was too late to improve my handwriting (or I was too lazy), I came to the conclusion to write my memories down with a laptop (when possible). It is definitely a more comfortable way for me to take notes, since then I do not abuse any beautiful diary page anymore! Haha.

While travelling I discovered my passion for writing about my adventures. I always dreamed about having my own website to share all my travel experiences with the world, but I didn’t find the right time to do that because I was a more or less busy student.


Then, during my Erasmus-semester in France in 2016, that I considered more than as “a year of reflection”, I made the decision finally to fulfill my dream: In April I bought a domain, invested a lot of time in figuring out how to create a website and so voilá, I can proudly present you my travel blog today: Viet On a Weird Trip. 😛  Isn’t that cool to have your own website? So cooooooooool ! 😀

At the beginning I had burnt myself out as I translated the texts in French that had cost me much, muuuuuuuch time! So, I stopped it and the Language “switcher” above disappeared.  I already have to struggle with my “school” English, but this motives me at the same time to keep blogging: Writing helps improving my language skills. At this point, many thanks and a big hug to my English speaking friends who I often ask for help. 🙂

Creative self-expression and life project.


I love travelling and found out for myself during my trips: It is more than a travel. Travelling is a kind of pilgrimage for me that makes me grow personally! So, I consider the travel more as “a school of life”. Thus, I write down all my sometimes more and sometimes less GREAT LIFE DISCOVERIES  or PERSONAL EXPERIENCES in this blog!

One loves to dance, to do sports, the other plays music – Everyone has its own way to express his inner world. For me, it is to write a blog that is one of my forms of creative self-expression, besides playing music. After having experienced many things on my travels I feel an inner desire like to give back something, to create something or to form something on my own. I think, if you get much input, you need a sort of output to process all those new impressions and experiences.

Coming back from a country I feel how something inside me has changed. I come back to my little home city, all still the same, but I feel strange. Strange, because my travel has changed my eyes with which I see the world. Hard to explain, I have the urge to write down my inner world, and to share it with “Wanderer” who feel the same.

Within a certain time I read my own articles again to find out in which way I have changed. It is absolutely exciting to see what you had thought before a travel and what you think NOW!

My last reason:

I want to encourage people to travel more and better than ever. When experiencing a place in an authentic way you not only truly explore the real world outside, but also your world within. For this, you don’t always need a lot of money to travel! Hence,I give you some

Inspiration and Tips about Travel&Life.

Then, my travel stories show how wrong we sometimes are towards certain cultures.


Inspiring people, giving advice and sharing my personal experiences is what I do to encourage people to travel more and independently, for example to make more contact with locals, briefly: to get more of a travel. There is much more than just staying in a hotel and to have an organized tour. What about doing your own adventurous trip on which you not only learn about the country, but also a lot about yourself?


I think in our fast changing world, controlled by mass consumption and capitalism, travelling has lost its true meaning. Tourists spent too much money without having seen anything. With my articles I want to make the people think about it and show alternatives how to make a travel more exciting and life-enriching.


Finally, I wish somehow that I can make a small contribution to a better world in which all people are finally treated the same regardless their origin, appearance and religion. 🙂


Keep travelling and discover our cultural diversity of our beautiful world!

Have a safe trip.

Peace.Love. Travel!

Yours Viet. 😉

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