Oh Merveilleuse Bretagne !

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Arriving at Dinard I went straight to the “Écluse” beach, I sat down on the sand and ate the speciality of the region: “les crêpes Bretonnes” ! The landscape was awesome and you could also see the city St. Malo on the other side of the sea. I changed my place at least 5 times because I didn’t know that the tides are so strong there! Within hours the moon’s gravity caused the beach to flood.








Oliver, my host Couch Surfing, greeted me warmly with pasta in his house called « Le Brise de juin ».


After having visited him on the market, where he sells books, I hiked along Bretagne’s wonderful coast, from Dinard to St. Briac.

Olivier invited friends for dinner and he seduced us with his vegetarian cuisine. While talking to his friends, I noticed that the woman works for the Tourist Office of Dinard. In addition, she told me they were looking for a trainee who speaks German. I was always interested in tourism, but I also wanted to do volunteer work during my stay in France!


The day after, I took the bus to St. Malo, the city of the corsairs. One of the most feared was Robert Surcouf who plundered many English ships with his fast ship “Renard” (fox).

In St. Malo I met my Italian friends Viola, Cecilia, Glauco and Antonello who stay abroad, also in Poitiers like me. Together, we discovered St. Malo. Although 80% of the old city was destroyed during the Second World War, it has been well reconstructed.

It was absolutely fascinating to observe the tides of St. Malo which are amongst the largest in Europe. At most, the difference between ebb and flow can reach 14 meters! So the Grand Be islands, Petit Be and Fort National are only accessible at low water.









After having showed my Italian friends the beautiful city Dinard, they visited the medieval village Dinan, where they had rented an apartment before.


The last day, I went on an adventurous hiking trip from Dinard to St. Malo where I had already booked a lift back to Poitiers. The nature was wonderful, but I completely underestimated the distance between the two cities. In fact, the direct water way seemed to be very short. However, it was a really long hike although I could see St. Malo from almost every corner! I crossed the Rance Tidal Power Station that had been the largest tidal power station in the world for 45 years, with a capacity of 240 MW. The weather was typical “Breton”, suddenly I fell twice in a hail storm. Imagine, there were almost all weather situations during one day! Finally, I arrived with wet clothes in the city of corsairs and I rewarded myself with fries & mussels served with a glass of white wine! The weather was fine, but not for a long time …

Olivier, thank you for all! You inspired me a lot with your personality, your generosity, your knowledge and your good mood. The advice that you wrote in my diary help me a lot to follow my dreams! You’re right: Hobbo, your cat, is really special! I have never met a cat greeting me every morning with a “Good morning.”


Some months later I had the chance to visit Mount St. Michael with my family!

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